• Voice Over IP

    Asterisk, Freeswitch, Cisco, OpenFire

  • Web Apps

    PHP, Javascript, JSON, XML, JQuery, MySQL, Sockets

  • Networking

    Routers, Firewalls, Application Servers, OpenVPN

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Router Linksys

Home and small business router, wifi and easy configuration.

GS One User

Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter One FXS Port

GS Two Users

Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter Two FXS Ports

GS Four Users

Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter Four FXS Ports

Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic


Each project is assigned as needed highly qualified specialists from our mainstream teams

Communications solutions

Every client is unique. Together we discuss your needs and budget and develop a custom and cost effective communications solution for you company. Components include voice over IP Private Branch Exchanges (VoIP PBXs), data and video conferencing systems. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are among several bundled methods to ensure your mission critical information is kept safe and private.


Maybe your business does not need or you cannot assign budget to full time personnel to support your network infrastructure. We analyze your current setup and suggest improvements or changes. Then we take care of keeping your valuable networking assets up and running smoothly. They include hardware and software components such as routers, firewalls, servers and cabling.

Web development

Today the world is more interconnected than ever. Times are gone where web sites needed only be beautiful. Now we need pretty web sites backed by solid backends and databases maybe spread among several locations. We determine your needs and design and develop powerfull internet solutions based on open standards such as HTML 5, XML, Javascript, JSON, MySQL Server that run on open source secure and efficient platforms.

Voice over IP

This is one of the areas we are currently more active. It is a fact that telephony is changing from traditional PSTN system to VoIP based. We have setup for our clients nearly every type of VoIP systems. We have also developed our own software for tasks such as route selection, telecom billing and antifraud. As a VoIP provider we are advanced aggregators, meaning we bundle routes and services from several sources into high quality packages, handling all the complexity of internal evaluation and automatic enabling and disabling.

Getting information
off the Internet is like taking
a drink from a fire hydrant.
The real problem is not whether
machines think but whether men do.


Some of our clients: our main source of pride

Megaconecta Corp.

Estados Unidos



RingFlow LLC

Colombia - Estados Unidos

Miami Web Design

Estados Unidos

Well done is better than well said.

About us

Electrosoft is based on open standards and is an innovation enabler


The Company

Our company was created in 2009 and since then has evolved from a general purpose technology to a highly specialized internet communications company.

Our technical staff is a mix of more than 20 years experience senior engeneers and young and creative developers. This has allowed us to adapt to the current fast changing technological environment.

Our work is mainly built on open source software and standards. We keep very active researching on affordable hardware components that allow us to carry state of the art technology to under developed areas in the planet.

Face to face

We have becomed respected players in the business by providing customers customized person to person support. We understand that currently most problems in the IT environment stand on the lack of technlogical culture by common people. That is why we provide the solutions to our clients and explain them how to use in plain everyday language.


Our team being rooted in United States and Latin America makes us honor and strongly respect our countries multicultural and multiethnical traditions.

It has become appallingly obvious
that our technology
has exceeded our humanity.

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